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photo by moemi abe

Drawings on newspaper,
Drawings on papers in usual life

Group Exhibition -Excellence Award of the 6th New Artists Competition Exhibition- / 2017 /

Kawaguchi Art Gallery ATLIA, Saitama, Japan

An installation involving "Drawings on newspaper" and "Drawings on everyday paper".

"Drawing on newspaper" is an assembly of drawings on the newspaper that I have read, repeating the act of blacking out the page just like erasing. (about 250 sheets)

"Drawings on everyday paper" are drawings on various papers which imply individual daily life (shopping receipt, test paper, tax paper etc). In addition to the author's drawings, drawings by the residents of Kawaguchi City and the audience of the exhibition are also exhibited. (About 200 sheets)

The large table at the center of the space works as not only a display of  drawings but also a work space where visitors can draw drawings. Drawings done on the table are displayed as they are.


Hundreds of drawings on newspaper are put together, all out of order.

In the screen uniformed by the starry sky, it seems that water called "time" is accumulated in the pool. I temporarily stop the time that should flow in one way, and create a world mixed with the past, the present and the future.


I have taken "drawings on daily papers" as a clue that audiences can feel more concretely the relationship between individual daily lives and the big flow of society. By drawing papers close to us, audiences may look back on their everyday time and are aware of the social background that prescribes their lives.

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