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Iron Curtain

Group Exhibition -2016 DMZ Pilgrimage International Art Festival- / 2016 /

Korean Otter Research Center, Hwacheon, South Korea

The word "iron curtain" used to express the tension between the East and the West in Europe during the Cold War era.

Before Korean Otter Research Center which was an exhibition hall, you can see a big river that crosses the 38th parallel.

The director of the center said to me, "When it becomes cold, otters will come back here from the north of the river. They are free and easy, going back and forth between the north and the south."

I tried to make "an iron curtain" on the banks of the river.

In spite of the image of the word, this curtain enjoys freedom, fluttering in the sky every time the wind blows.

I set the curtain as if to dry a laundry on a fine day.

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