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Pan-European Picnic Poster Project

Residency / 2013, 2014 /
Incheon Art Platform, Baengnyeong-do, South Korea

This work is related to "Rose Line Project" (2013).
On my first visit to Baengnyeongdo seven years ago, I asked the man next to me, "Where is the armistice line?" at a famous place on a hill. The man then pointed out to the vast sea and smiling, "Armistice line? It must somewhere over there. "
While on this island where the armistice line is visible, I recalled the " Pan-European Picnic" held in a bordering village of Hungary that led to the end of the East and West conflict. On the demonstration's poster is drawn a "drawing of roses blossoming on a wired fence". The word "picnic" attracted me, from which I imagined that people lightly jump over the heavy walls called "states". I worked hoping that Baengnyeongdo would one day also become a place symbolizing peace.

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