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A curtain on a bay window

Group Exhibition - Gap Dynamics - / 2013 / Itabashi Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan 

photo by ichiro ohtani

The story "A curtain on a bay window" and a installation related to it.

The story is about one scene of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995 written with a personal point of view, just like someone's everyday life.

From a burnt bay window, a lace curtain which must have burnt spreads and flows up into the sky

A lot of rubble are scattered and four books are buried in them.

If you open the book, you can see a picture of a house collapsed and burnt and usual life of a family just after the earthquake.

Words of a woman which is the beginning part of the story are written on the outer wall of the museum.

The work denies the uniform image about the disaster and the victims which the mass media has made, portraying the strength of people who had led "unusual life" hard to take as "usual life" with humor.

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