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Curtain Line

Group Exhibition -Arts Challenge2011- / 2011 / Aichi Arts Center, Aichi, Japan

80 curtains were borrowed from local residents and used to cover the windows of the gallery overlooking the town below, while across the opposite side of the large window were displayed 34 photographs of various different types of houses.
The curtains which conceal the scene of the window recall to us the border between individual living (private) and society (public). On the other hand the thin cloth which wavers between the inner and outer worlds is a point of contact between both. As the curtains recall the presence of individuals, they raise to mind the everyday living of the countless people who may be seen from the window on the 11th floor of this building. 
The curtains which were in individual houses are brought together to cover the outside world and create a “curtain line” filled with the colour of people’s lives.

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