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Border Curtain -38curtain no.2-

Group Exhibition - BankArt LifeⅢ - / 2011 / Shinko Pier, Kanagawa, Japan

The green line marked upon the centre of a map spreads out like a curtain to engulf the entire structure of the installation. This map is an embroidered rendering of the Korean peninsula, turned upon its side, with the dividing line of the 38 Parallel at its middle.
The border comes to cover the whole structure, turning from line to space, while the thin line like traces are all that remain of the map, in which beginning and end have been reversed. 
This work follows on from the previous rendering of ‘38 Curtain’ as solo exhibition, and its expansion of the border line to fill the exhibition space.
In the case of the solo exhibition this covered the inner space of the gallery, while in this time the line covered the outer face of a structure.

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