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Solo Exhibition / 2011 / Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan

An installation transformed through the movement of a curtain.
The green boundary in the middle of the map extends out, reaching the limits of the room, engulfing the entire space, spreading to each corner, while the trace of the original map comes to form a line (as its start and end point are reversed).
Together with the curtain installation a series of 5 stories are presented.
The story starts with the grand landscape of the border as seen through binoculars. 
The 5 stories are woven by the fact that in reality the border is not a line but a space.
What may we come to see as we take a step into the expanded world of a line upon a map, a line not expected to have a spatial dimension.
The 38 Parallel dividing North and South Korea, its ‘expansive green forest’ and the narrow landscapes of experience of a lone woman begin to layer upon each other and question the current world, our world.

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