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1944 and 2007

Group Exhibition - No Man's Land - / 2009 / French Embassy, Tokyo, Japan

In an installation utilizing the second floor office of the French Embassy the artist re-enacted the work ‘38 garden’ produced earlier in 2008 in Korea, upon the theme of ‘a place which belongs to no one’. While taking the same concept this work took the form of a completely different installation. The door to the embassy office was replaced with a wooden door based on the door to the forbidden garden, as appears in the novel ‘The Secret Garden’. Set around the room are a series of binoculars, through which the moving image of a thick forest can be seen, with scenes of trees shaking in the wind, small birds which live amongst the trees, and insects upon the grass and leaves. As the viewer peers through the binoculars, they are brought to a sensation of standing in the middle of a forest. Upon the desk is set the novel ‘The Secret Garden’, but as this is opened what appears is ‘the diary of a Korean Japanese resident who made her way to the 38 parallel in the Summer of 2007’.

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