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Group Exhibition - Seoksu Art Project 2008 - / 2008 / Seoksu Market, Anyang, South Korea

This installation took place in a disused store in the market place. Here in the corner of this market, well known amongst locals, is the “Garden of the 38 Parallel”, a world spun from ‘the forest of the 38 Parallel’ and ‘The Secret Garden’.
Filling the space is a mass of metal wire, springing from the walls and floor. This wire takes on a life of its own, growing as if like ivy and taking the forms of words, spelling out passages from ‘The Secret Garden’ across the room. These words tell of a young girl who discovers a garden, opens the door, sets her eyes upon the scene and naively questions the existence of a garden which no one can enter.
The 38 Parallel has become, through historical tragedy, a secret garden of humanity. Over half a century it has been a closed garden set to be forgotten about, while a certain time coexists here together with its forest. Here in this shopping street the artist created the garden of the 38 Parallel, in this case a garden which anyone could enter. 

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