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Public Exchange Diary - From Trivial Chatter -

Group Exhibition -Kobe Art Annual 2004- / 2004 /

Kobe Art Village Center, Hyogo, Japan

In Kobe there is a new development area. This district was once a town lined with small theatres, a down town area filled with a human touch. The artist determined to create a work based on this neighborhood, imbued with a particular humanity and approached 4 locals to join in an exchange diary. And so she joined with Mr Koyama, of the local cinema, Ms Yoko, running a hat shop, Akina, a second grade elementary school pupil and Mr Taka in such a form of dialogue.
Through this diary of seeming small talk the artist built a relationship with each of these residents.
The exchange diary of each participant was made into a separate book and transformed into a public object for all visitors to the exhibition to read. Upon the glass frontage of the art center 4 large posters of each diary were also presented, allowing passers-by to stop and read these personal conversations, while at night these posters became screens for video projection, portraying the everyday life of each participant. Here the daily lives of these individuals reveal the atmosphere (and time) of this particular development area.

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