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Alien Registration Number - Family -

Solo Exhibition / 2003 / Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto, Japan

In this work the artist used her own alien registration number “B176404261”, the number indicating foreign status in Japan. Based upon this number she began a ‘drawing’ in the form of a list of numbers descending and ascending from her own, proliferating them through her sketchbook, coming to arrive at the numbers of her mother, father and siblings. Each artless rendering of a number in this list of figures, is a moment of recognition towards the individual existence of each individual it refers to. In this way the within this huge mass of numbers is a particular presence of a unique person referred to by each combination.
The installation took these lists from the sketchbook and transferred them into the space itself. Among the hundreds of copies of alien registration certificates covering the space, the real certificates of the 4 family members were also included, with “mother”, “father” etc. written by hand next to the corresponding number.

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