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Drawings on newspaper


Group Exhibition -FATHOM—Chiharu Shiota, Sumi Kanazawa, Soh Souen- / 2023 / 

Kyoto Seika University Gallery Terra-S, Kyoto, Japan

photo by Nobutada Omote

About the large installation
This work is made up of drawings that I continue to make, and I put them together like a puzzle to create an image like a galaxy. However I don't just think about the images and compose them but I draw a 'story' by looking at what is written in each article and connecting related issues.
For example, I focus on the issue of the victims of nuclear tests that are still happening around the world and expand the story in an arc from there. There we see the tragic past of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the problems after the nuclear accident caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, the shelling of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant by Russian troops, problematic statements by Israeli politicians such as "The atomic bombing is an option." ,many such timeless issues can be seen. The circle widens further and leads to the problems of war, refugees caused by war, and the problems of immigrants in Japanese society. I make a big circle by connecting common issues so that different perspectives can be seen from a single problem. The work shows the challenges humanity still faces today by making a world where the past and present are mixed by breaking up the linear timeline.


About the small works
In this space I recreate a bit of the space where I usually do my drawings.
The five small works are an expression of the characteristic of my drawings, which are"'erasing' makes it visible."
The five drawings are all based on newspaper articles about 'something being erased by something'. For example, everyday life disappears due to a plague such as corona, towns disappear in an instant due to bombs,a war erases lives and livelihoods, and facts are covered up or deleted by those in power, such as politicians.
The background of the causes are all different, but the drawings bring the issue into sharp relief by shining a light on these acts of erasure in society.

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